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Flu (influenza) is a severe infection caused by a virus. The flu virus infects your lungs and upper airways.

Flu is unpredictable. If you are young and healthy, you will usually feel unwell for a week but, you will not

need to see your GP. Most flu can be treated at home.

Antibiotics do not work on flu. Getting lots of rest and drinking plenty of liquids will make you feel better.

Most people who think they have the flu usually just have a cold.

There is very high demand for flu vaccines this year (and that is a good thing!)

We have now fully used up the supply of flu vaccine supplied to us by the HSE.

We have been informed that we may be getting more vaccines, but we have not been told when, or in what quantity


Please contact Jennifer / Majella in the usual way, who will advise you of availability.


Flu vaccination clinics

Farranfore Medical Centre patients only!