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About Us

In 1996, the Farranfore Medical Centre was opened. The Farranfore Medical Centre is committed to not just treating illness, but also preventing it. We have an active program of immunisation, involved in childhood, influenza and Covid vaccinations. We provide well-man and well-woman services. We provide the full range of family planning services and actively promote a cervical screening program. We are particularly involved in the management of chronic medical conditions, such as hypertension, ischemic heart disease, diabetes, asthma and COPD. The practice provides a full Travel Medicine service. 


The doctors are members of the SouthDoc co-operative, which provides out of hours services.


This is a purpose-built medical centre, built on a green field site. It is one of the few purpose-built, free standing medical centres in County Kerry. In recent years, the car park has been extended significantly, so that there are now 66 parking spaces at the practice. 

Our Team


There is currently a directly employed staff complement of four doctors (all of whom are vocationally trained). Dr Eamonn was joined by Dr Brian White in 2002, Dr Kerry Houston in 2006 and Dr Linda Long in 2012. Two practice nurses, two receptionists, two secretaries, a phlebotomist and an administrator are the members of our team. In addition to this, there is a dietician and a counsellor attached to the practice. At this time, there is a SHE nutritionist / dietician who is attached to the practice. We also have physiotherapists who work with us. 

Our Legacy
Dr Richard (Dick) Shanahan

 Dr Richard (Dick) Shanahan

Dr Edmond (Ned) Shanahan

Dr Edmond (Ned) Shanahan

Our Legacy


The predecessor to the Farranfore Medical Centre was the Shanahan practice, which started when Dr Ned Shanahan was appointed the District Medical Officer to Farranfore in 1920. His son, Dr Dick Shanahan continued in practice from 1954, joined by Dr Eamonn Shanahan in 1986. This practice has over the years been at the forefront of many developments. Dr. Dick Shanahan was using radio-telephone equipment in 1958, to allow the practice to remain in contact with him at all times, well before State agencies were using this type of equipment. He was involved in under-graduate training of doctors from the early 1960’s onwards and became a trainer in the Cork Vocational Training Scheme in 1982. At the same time, he was one of the first doctors in the country to regularly use a computer as part of his normal clinical practice. 

Our Future

Continued Innovation

The Farranfore Medical Centre continues to develop. It remains involved in both under-graduate and postgraduate medical training. It has been involved in professional nurse training. 


It has been a site for a pilot for influenza immunisation for the HSE, achieving a 60% uptake of vaccine in the target group before there were any significant media campaigns. It regularly achieves over 90% uptake of childhood immunisations.


Paediatric Care

Physicals, Immunizations, Sick Visits

Adult Care

Primary Care, Physicals, Immunizations

Gynaecology Care

Pap Smears, Birth Control, STD Testing...​